FABelgrade is organised by

Ivana Gadjanski

(Fab In) Project Director

Biologist, PhD in Neuroscience, Fulbright Alumna, working in the field of stem cells and tissue engineering (TE) and…

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Danko Radulovic

(Fab In) Creative Co-Director

Danko was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, where he graduated from his Bachelor and Master studies on…

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Nikola Andonov

(Fab lab Belgrade) Creative Co-Director

Nikola Andonov is an architect and researcher based in Belgrade where he runs partner-based studio MADA and digital…

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Borko Jovanovic

(Polyhedra fab lab) - Workshop Manager Read More

We are always looking for people with similar interests to join us.
If you are interested, just drop us an email at contact@fabelgrade.io